Wounds in the darkness

PG 12min : 59sec Dec 2020

¿Qué es el amor? Una pareja expone desde su punto de vista las virtudes y errores de su relación amorosa hasta entender que no fue un error su experiencia, sino más bien aprendieron del otro y de sí mismos. Ella busca la expiación y él el climax para sanar las heridas. Cortometraje que habla de la violencia de género existente en parejas jóvenes.

Madness in Aleppo

NC-17 1hr : 23mins Aug 2020

Eastern Aleppo is being bombed and besiege. A doctor and a cameraman decide to walk back into the city where they lived for long, and help the people who chose to remain. The madness of the war only made them more resilient. But at the end they were all forced to leave.


G 13min : 15sec Feb 2020

In 1921, Charles, a young Luxembourgish cartographer is sent to Albania as part of a border commission to gather information on the topography and the people of the region. The country has recently become independent, but it does not yet have clearly defined borders.

“Quedate” (Lolita Torres)

G 3min : 24sec Feb 2020

The video "Quédate" by Russian musician Leonid Agutin in collaboration with Argentine artist Diego Torres. The video was dedicated to and is about Lolita Torres, Diego's mother, in tribute to her successful acting career and coinciding with the 90th anniversary of her birth.