What is Prochannel?

Prochannel is the content platform and official competition of the prestigious Buenos Aires International Film Festival. In it you will have exclusive cinematographic content available from all over the world.

How does online competition work?

The competition that takes place on the platform belongs to our BUEIFF Channel Film Festival, which is an annex to the BUEIFF Main. This festival is bimonthly format and by number of votes. For more information you can always visit the festival’s official website channel.bueiff.com

What benefits do I get when I create a free account?

By registering on our platform you will be able to have limited access to certain exclusive content, vote in the BUEIFF Channel competition and upload films to be viewed on Prochannel.

What benefits do paid subscriptions offer me?

The paid subscriptions offer to be able to view all the exclusive content from any platform of any device (Android & iOS) without restrictions of any kind. They also grant special discounts on submissions for all the festivals that are part of the BUEIFF world as well as raffles for incredible products. The Premium plan also offers to have a special account for our press and news platform with amazing tools.

How do I get in touch if I have a problem?

If you have any problem with your account related to accessing the content of the platform, you can always send us an email to channel@bueiff.com If it is a problem or query related to online competition, send us an email to competition@channel.bueiff.com