Small Deaths

12:14 min

When all else fails, Sonia consults a tarot card reader seeking solace after suffering a personal loss. Long after their meeting, the revelations of the mysterious tarot reader gradually begin to influence Sonia’s perspective and choices as she loses her grip on reality and control of her own life.

Madness in Aleppo

NC-17 1hr : 23mins

Eastern Aleppo is being bombed and besiege. A doctor and a cameraman decide to walk back into the city where they lived for long, and help the people who chose to remain. The madness of the war only made them more resilient. But at the end they were all forced to leave.

Holding Positions

G 1hr : 14mins

Combining fictious and documentary elements ‚Holding Positions’ tells the stories of several people, who are spending waiting time at an airport and thereby getting the chance to lead their lives into new directions.

The Little Hedgehog

G 3min : 53sec

"The Little Hedgehog" is an animated short film. It's a story about a hedgehog who doesn't have spikes but tries to fit into other normal hedgehogs. This animation attempts to describe what it's like to have a highly sensitive personality. I want people who have a sensitive personality to know that there are people in the world like you, and you are not alone.

Latest Award Films

I miss You

4.2 (lmdb)
11min : 37sec


In Autumn 1994, a Stockholm family awaits their mother’s return after a boat trip. Sally, 7-year-old daughter, can’t wait to see her mother again and the gift she would bring her. What she doesn’t expect from her is that she will never see her again.


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